Make up assignment 10

In this assignment I was asked to search for a particularly  horrifying moment in the movie “The murderous world of Alfred Hitchcock” to be preserved in an animated GIF. I believe that this moment of Sir Alfred lighting his cigarette is very creepy to be honest, especially that the movie is in black & white.





Make up assignment 9

When it comes to this assignment, I was asked to create a GIF for my favourite sports player, so I chose Mohamed Salah as he is a great person, not only inside of the field but also out of it, he managed to change the attitude of english people towards muslims, because people now can understand that islam is a religion of peace and never encourages violence, for this purpose, I really like Salah, although i do not even watch football but I enjoy watching him play. l0xyt56b95r01

Make up assignment 7

For this assignment I was asked to create a game of ” Find the differences between the photos”. Therefore, I download an Ariel image of the Auc Campus, made two versions of the image, one is edited and the other one is the original photo. There are 6 differences between the two photos, so I encourage any one reading this post to take part in such activity and try to find as much differences as possible. I hope you enjoyyyyy.


Make up assignment 6

In this assignment I had the opportunity to participate in a very smart game, it is google draw, the instructions are as follows, it tells you 6 items, and you have to draw each one under 20 seconds, and let google guess what you drew, the technology behind the game is very interesting as I believe google invented such a game, to enhance the effectiveness of further artificial intelligence they are planning to release in the future. Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 6.36.35 AM

Make up assignment 4

To begin with, in this assignment we were asked to get a photo for a famous spy movie actor and then proceed to get a quote from another spy movie actor and finally to refer this quote to a third spy movie actor, thereby, the mix and match of the three previously stated items would confuse people. To illustrate, I chose a picture of James Bond, then I got a quote from Harry Hart from the movie kingsman. Finally, I referred this quote to Harry Cavill from the movie ” The man from uncle”. Daniel Craig to charge Rs 1000 Crore to return as James Bond

Make up assignment 3

So in this assignment I was asked to create a collage with 4 favourite places for me where I feel at peace and secure. Consequently, I created the attached collage that included a picture that I took in front of the sea, as I really love the sea, I can sit for hours in front of it with out ever feeling bored. Another picture was of my room, my second favourite place, even sometimes I never leave it only for basic needs. There is also another relaxing place, which is the roof, that is definitely enjoyable at times of sunset and sunrise. Lastly, which is by far the most interesting and peaceful place to be in, wadi el hitan, I love the place as one can be able to clearly see the milky way, and because the place is so far away from any lighting, all the stars can be seen as magnificently as it can be, coming from a person who loves star gazing. Unknown.jpg

Final Reflection


It was once believed that Digital Literacy is only concerned with digital skills on devices such as the computer, however, through out the semester I learned that digital literacy is much more comprehensive than this, to illustrate, as shown in the diagram below, there are seven elements of digital literacy, that I will further explain.


Untitled Diagram

To begin with, the first element I will explain is the communications and collaborations literacy which is the part concerned with learning and research of the digital networks, it is highly relevant for the ones who work to improve student engagement, creating a digital community full of opportunities. Further, the career and identity management is mainly in terms with the digital identity, which is the management of a person’s digital identity and reputation. Moreover, the ICT element is the element that is concerned with the digital devices, services and applications that seem to be improved on daily basis, thereby, one must require a good amount of training, exploration and experimentation of the new technology. In addition, the fourth element, learning skills, which is the part, related to the effective learning and studying, both formally and informally in environments that are rich in technology. Furthermore, media literacy is the section that is related to the creative production of academic and professional ways of communication in different areas in the media. For the final element, which is the information literacy, it focuses on the interpretation, evaluation and management of shared information, and how can one determine the credibility of sources. Correspondingly, by developing the elements in the digital literacy we could be able to become more professional in handling, producing digital content and to be more expressive while using different forms of technology. Not to mention, we would also be able to analyze different identities and be able to construct a protected online identity for ourselves. Equally important, we move to another area that I learned a lot about till now, which is intercultural learning and global citizenship, these topics are highly interrelated, and proved to be very important to maintain our global competences with other students abroad, by competences I mean that we acquired an appropriate amount of knowledge, attitudes and skills that enhanced our communication with other international students, not only did it enhance our communications but also it helped us in being more empathetic, open minded, flexible, respectful and ethical with dealing with other students abroad. Similarly, global citizenship could be considered the end result of intercultural learning because a global citizen is a person who is aware and understanding of the world around him/her, someone who has an active role and is involved with national and international communities, not to mention, to develop a voice to express opinions on any arguments, to believe that one can influence the world and make a difference in it. All in all, I learned a lot from this course, and I believe now that I am a global citizen that is better prepared for the work place, having better and more meaningful interactions with international students; actually, one of the reasons for this is the Solyia Program, which was a great experience for me, that has contributed a lot in my learning, I was able to apply the things I learned in class about intercultural learning, in real life with other international students. The second most engaging activity that I really liked is the digital narrative game, although it was really hard for me because I was doing it alone, but regardless, the hard work paid off, when the professor saw the first draft and was pleased with it. Other activities that contributed a lot to my learning are the reflections that we were assigned to do, that were on podcasts, readings or videos, with each consecutive reflection I was able to better express myself more and more, especially that I am an introverted person who does not talk a lot, even outside of the classroom, so having to write things down definitely helped me. However, one thing I did not really enjoy is the different technologies we had to use, especially for a person like me who finds difficulty in using twitter, yet, it is an integral part of the course as it is one of the elements of digital literacy that I previously mentioned. Another, although the Solyia program was a great experience, yet, the sessions were too long with out any extra benefit, so I believe that if the sessions were a little bit shorter, the program could become an amazing experience. Finally, I think that there were too many assignments with high percentage points, so missing an assignment led to a big reduction in the final grade, even most of the students in the class thought the same way and believed that the workload is too high for a core course. Anyways, I believe that this course is a great, enjoyable, yet, a very demanding course and the professor is one of the best in the university, she is flexible, very understanding and amazingly kind, and I will be looking forward to taking other courses with her after I am done with this course because it was really an amazing experience to take such a course with her.



Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 4.30.54 AM.png

I think that I have good Digital skills but my digital literacy is not that high, as I cannot create and innovate using different digital platforms, I also do not have great knowledge about digital identity and not that able to teach and learn using different platforms other than the basic ones I learned through out my education, this is also why my digital profile for tools and technology is competent, finally, I am not very tech savvy when it comes to different tools for communication and collaboration with other people, Solyia for example, was my first ever video conference with other people. The only thing I find myself confident in is how to research and find information using academic sources, how to cite them and effectively avoid plagiarism by paraphrasing, and this is because I learned this in my english courses in the university. Conversely, I find myself really weak in using diverse tools to create, innovate, communicate, teach, learn and collaborate.

Wikipedia is not really a reliable source of information but I think that they gave a prey good idea of what Digital Literacy mean. It was once believed that Digital Literacy is only concerned with digital skills on devices such as the computer, but it is actually the gathering and building upon the foundation of usual forms of literacy, it is also referred as how individuals could communicate, use applications on different digital platforms and the ability to search for information. the definition in wikipedia further elaborate the academic, pedagogical concepts and the digital and media literacy in the 21st century; further applications of digital literacy stretch to education, society and the workforce. I searched twitter with the hashtag #Digilit, I did not find an exact definition of digital literacy, but there is a once source that elaborates how students can learn digital literacy and another source on how to learn and live with information literacy and another source that offers help with digital literacy along with other sources that was all aimed at the methods to achieve digital literacy, nevertheless, the only source that defines literacy was for media literacy done by a crash course media.

Digital literacy

Digital Skills

Digital Fluency


Digital literacy is concerned with gaining the skills to make and create a purpose, whilst choosing the correct technologies to do so; Digital Fluency on the other hand, requires individuals to acquire competencies and potentials that could go beyond the skill level, it can be considered as a wider set of competencies that is concerned with learning of the 21st century, being confident with manipulating technologies so that one can create and navigate through information  successfully and being able to work in a team, solve complex real-world issues, and pursue our own learning goals. Finally, Digital skills as can be explained as a way to use digital tools for example, yet, when you are able to gain the knowledge on how to use the previous digital tools and technologies effectively to communicate and achieve learning goals by embedding the digital literacies into one’s own curriculum.


It is not normally safe to trust blogs for information because it is not that reliable, however, the content in this article is pretty similar to other definitions I found on the internet so it could be believed that it is a reliable source, yet, not an academically reliable one.

Actually, I would rate the academic quality of the definitions I found so far to be of Medium to Low quality as it does not involve any academic or scholar articles and all the sources were not as reliable as a scientific article.

The findings in the hypothesis activity is pretty similar to previous things I found while researching the topic, and I went through the activity as it is instructed in the module and commented on something by annotating it.

I did two of the stations provided, one about online identity, which helps the user on how to protect their online identity because of the negative consequences and other things, I did the quiz and successfully earned the online identity badge. Moreover, I did the Digital research skills, which helps the user with finding reliable information, how to avoid plagiarism and other things related to research skills, I did the quiz and earned myself another badge.