So in this assignment I was asked to create a collage with 4 favourite places for me where I feel at peace and secure. Consequently, I created the attached collage that included a picture that I took in front of the sea, as I really love the sea, I can sit for hours in front of it with out ever feeling bored. Another picture was of my room, my second favourite place, even sometimes I never leave it only for basic needs. There is also another relaxing place, which is the roof, that is definitely enjoyable at times of sunset and sunrise. Lastly, which is by far the most interesting and peaceful place to be in, wadi el hitan, I love the place as one can be able to clearly see the milky way, and because the place is so far away from any lighting, all the stars can be seen as magnificently as it can be, coming from a person who loves star gazing. Unknown.jpg